Advantage @ Getwell

Years of experience in the wholesale drug industry have taught Getwell that there's more to service than just high fill rates and quick turnaround. That's why the Getwell distribution centers are more than just warehouses.. Each Getwell distribution center provides on-site Management, Information Services, Merchandising Support and Customer Service. It all means that your calls and questions are answered quickly and efficiently by knowledgeable people who understand your particular business needs. When you deal with Getwell, you can be assured that your pharmacy needs cannot be filled better, anywhere else.

Our high volume buying power allows us to pass savings along to you. We give the independent and small chain pharmacist the responsive service and discounted pricing enjoyed by large chains. Our line of generic and brand pharmaceuticals is only part of the offering. We can service your needs in other product areas as well.

Our core strengths include professionalism, sincerity in purpose, and clarity in thought and promptness in service. We are proud to claim that since inception our group has maintained utmost transparency and also maintain very cordial relationships with Drugs department and other regulatory and customer bodies

What are the Special Features of Getwell

  • Meeting each customers every day
  • Spot billing and providing any information with the help of Laptops
  • Round the clock availability over phone and email
  • Speedy delivery/distribution system
  • Advanced systems for error free dispensing
  • Ensure patient safety by perfect cold chain management
  • Situated in prominent location for quick and easy customer accessibility
  • Prompt settlement of Customer claims
  • Value-added service to customer
  • Exclusive team for attending customer complaints
  • Staff with experience and expertise
  • High quality health care to customers
  • Due recognition of hard work, flexibility and competency of the staff
  • Unique customer care to safeguard the process from initial procurement to final delivery
  • Innovative and practical health care solution
  • High volume buying power
  • Discounted pricing to independent and small chain pharmacist
  • Service to the customers in other product areas
  • Techno-savvy service through web and newly introduced software
  • SOP designed and audited by professional management consultancy

What are the strengths of Getwell?

  • Professionalism
  • Sincerity in purpose
  • Clarity in thought
  • Promptness in service
  • Perfect cold chain management
  • Cordial relationship with all major trade associations, Drugs Department, and other regulatory and customer bodies
  • Effective route management technique for speedy deliveryy

What are the special qualities of our Sales force?

  • Well trained to meet the challenges of the health care sector
  • Well updated about new products and schemes, product availability and other various information to update the customer

Who are our customers?

  • Large Retail Outlets
  • Community drugstores
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Out patient clinics
  • Other institutions

Getwell Information Centre

  • On-site management
  • Information services
  • Merchandising support
  • Customer care service


Our group has modern office cum storehouse with adequate stores space which is situated in the heart of Ernakulam city with parcel offices and railway station within 2 kms. Advanced tailor made dispensing system ensures error free catering to customers. We are also equipped with a fleet of delivery vans and well trained supply staff. Getwell distribution centres are more than just warehouses. Each Getwell distribution centre provides on-site Management, Information Services, Merchandising Support and Customer Service.

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