Getwell Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Ajanta Pharma Ltd, Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Albert David India ltd, INGA Laboratories, Somatico Pharmacal Pvt. Ltd, Mark Cosmed Pvt Ltd. Capstab Pharma etc. have been our business partners for whom we operate C&A/ C&F agencies in Kerala and Lakshadweep.

  • We believe that partnership is the key mechanism that would enable us to work towards our dream. We have many projects in pipeline to strengthen our partnerships with Pharma companies to facilitate success in our core distribution business on a sustained basis.
  • We are under negotiations to take over few distribution companies to bring under our banner with leading product base to increase our product strength through effective product mix.
  • To start a chain of value added pharmaceutical retail outlets across Kerala in the near future is also under consideration

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Getwell Pharmaceuticals
Getwell Drug House
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