CEO's Desk

On behalf of Get Well Family, thank you for taking interest in our company.
In the past years since the formation of this group we have advanced much in our vision of contributing to the health care sector with a stable supply of pharmaceuticals .

Getwell has sought ways to contribute to society as a pharmaceutical company ever since its formation. We always ensured that our operations focused in improving services and dynamics tracked to our commitment to deliver "value added services" to our customers.

We have also started to respond to the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry based upon stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals through the global network.

Our partnerships enabled us to obtain and handle drug substances and other materials more easily on a global basis, thereby strengthening the stable supply of our products. Over the years, we have also remained dedicated to bring "Health in Service" .We have conducted our business with integrity, never losing sight of the people who use our Pharmaceutical products
Most importantly, I am pleased to acknowledge that our success is due in large part to the dedication, the diligence and the caring spirit of our people, who truly believe in bringing high quality into service. We invite you to become familiar with our business and share in our purpose of enriching human lives.

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