With in a short span of time Getwell Pharmaceuticals have achieved a land mark growth of 200% in its annual turn over and more over an increase in its clientele from 400 to 1400 numbers in just three and half years time. We have reached these goals by facilitating,

  • Professionalism in Service and management.
  • Value added service to the customer in time to time.
  • Techno-savy service through our web and newly introduced software.
  • Speedy delivery/ distribution system.
  • Professionally skilled and self motivated staff base.
  • Best schemes to the customers.
  • Competitive power
  • Absolute inventory control.

Key contributions of our professionally skilled team include:

1. Servicing Retailers, Hospitals, Corporate etc
2. Providing continuous retail feedback to benchmark standards of service
3. Effective route management techniques, for better utilization of scarce retailer time
4. Helping chemists optimize inventory levels so that patients are not inconvenienced

  • Our group utilizes the service of professional management consultancies to ensure development of a highly professional environment up-to-date with the latest managerial best practices.
  • There is drastic growth in the sales after our initiative in business with the customers like AIMS, Lakeshore Hospital, Lourds Hosptal, Medical trust, Lissie Hospital etc.
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